Extrusion and molding plastics for over 30 years!

Industrie Boni S.r.l. produce low and high polyethylene pipes through extrusion and ram extrusion, we also perform special processing and thermoplastic molding.

Our careful selection of raw materials and our attention and control of processes, aim to supply products of high quality and reliability that always satisfy the needs of the customers.

The company was founded in 1982 and specialises in the creation  micro-irrigation, drip irrigation and irrigation pot to pot with micropipe for greenhouses (capillary pipe + rod).

The company offers its customers over 20 years of experience in designing localised irrigation system and provides polyethylene pipes, polyethylene micropipes, micropipe holding rods, fittings and filters.

Our production for construction industry is about strand sheaths, smooth sheats for anchors, pipes for cables with iron wire inside as well as pipes and sheaths of polyethylene low and high density made ​​on request of our customers.

We realize also filled rods in polyethylene high and low density and PE100 welding wire, for welding by means of lamination of polyethylene parts .

The company extrude tubes in bio-plastics.

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