Micropipe holding rods

Micropipe holding rods.

Support and direct the micropipe inside the jar:

  • Oval rods and Chicane rods, classic products.
  • Plug-on rods, to stop water flow from the single micropipe.
  • Cage rods (designed for Bulbacee and suitable for small bonsai pots), the cage holds the micropipe, to better control the water flow and avoids wetting the plant bulb.
  • Screw-on rods, self-threading inside of which the micropipe (with outer Ø from 3 to 3,2 mm) is screwed, available both in black and blue.
  • Sprinkler rods, for micropipe Ø 1,2 x 3 or 1,5 x 3 with flow rate from 10 to 20 l/h.

1.000 pieces boxes.

Astine Ovali, Tappo, Chicane Astine Gabbietta, Avvitamento, Spruzzo